Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Summary Of December 2011

Happy New Year !!

Sadly, I was unable to keep my promise of keeping up with blog for my entire study abroad experience. SO much has happened! December was definitely crunch time for coursework and getting the most out of my study abroad experience.

In the next few days/weeks, I hope to update everything that has happened to me in the past month... Right now, I am enjoying a winter break until January 24th.. where I will then be returning to Wellesley for the Spring semester! How exciting?!

Here are some of the topics that I hope to write about!!... :)
1) Summary of UCL Experience: Courses and Friends
2) Europe Trip with my sister from 12/17-12/31: Amsterdam > Brussels > Paris > Barcelona > Milan > Pisa > London
3) Thoughts and Feelings about London

Until Then? xoxo

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google Code F!

*Quick update to make this blog more interesting... because pictures are always fun!
Here is a link to the Google+ page for Google Code F
And here are pictures.... Google Code F Picasa Album

Yay tons of women computer scientists working together !
We were given a technical challenge to create a webpage using javascript and the Google+ API.
It was extremely fun and encouraged me to do more technical challenges.... :)

I wish I could work for Google! It's application season! So wish me luck.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Missing 15 days of posts...

I know that I have been missing for about 15 days. This is a factor of coursework, traveling, procrastination, etc.!

I have to go over 600 photos from my trips to Paris and Madrid! So I'll try to upload those soon.

Other than that, the highlights of my trip can be listed in bullet points below:

- Great Food
- Beautiful Monuments, Landmarks
- Itinerary was very chill
- Paris is a pretty walkable city
- Nice vacation spot

What did I see?
The Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, The Lourve, Notre Dame, Saint Chapelle, Arch De Triumph, Sacre Coure... much more...

- Nearly got pick-pocketed..
- The hotel/hostel was awesome -- best shower since being abroad...
- Food was standard
- Landmarks, Monuments were anti-climatic since I went to Paris...
- Shopping is awesome!
- Everyone is well-dressed...
- The metro system is the best of Europe

What did I see?
Palace de Real, Palace Mayor, Prado Museum, more famous landmarks in Madrid...

More Experiences...
I also traveled outside of London to the city of Cambridge! I learned so much more about Cambridge University... and the campus is amazingly beautiful...

Google London UK Office
I had the opportunity to go to the Google Office in London!! This was made possible due to Google Code F, which is an event created to inspire and encourage women to continue pursuing computer science! More information of Google Code F can be found here:
I need to blog about this experience more... I definitely want to work for Google some day in the future...

So this is overall a quick update.. more like a note of what has been happening to me... I hope that you all haven't been bored... T___T;

I only have three weeks left of the term! So I have tons of coursework due in the next few weeks. :)
Please do send me a Facebook message, tweet, or email if you're truly interested in catching up! We can definitely plan a skype date!

Side Note: Being abroad is amazing, but I am starting to miss home and Wellesley.

Until I feel like updating again soon.... !


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Next Post Paris!!

Lack of updates due to my current trip to Paris!! Will be returning to London in a few hours...

I will definitely have to blog my experience!!! So please do wait for that!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eat. Cook. Eat?

Okay I know I am terrible at updating... because I've gotten busy... but nevertheless I will try to be more motivated to update more!!

So this post will basically be about how I manage to eat in the UK... haha I will try to post a video blog sometime soon! I know that my family has requested me to do so, rather than boring posts. I hope that you all continue to read this blog! I will try to update every two days... :)

Living in a self-catered accommodation has taught me how I would eat without a dining hall and my mom's cooking. If I had the choice, I would be eating toast, rice, and other things.

The problem is -- I didn't want to buy a toaster or a rice cooker for the few months that I am in the UK. So I had to improvise. Can you imagine what people, in the old days, used to make some of the foods/meals we have today? There were no such thing as household appliances!

As a person of Asian descent, I feel that rice is a big staple food for me and for many Asian dishes. I've learned that you can actually cook a lot of things using one non-stick pot.

Boiling water has many uses in meals and can help create many dishes such as ramen, dumplings, boiled vegetables. Instead of buying a frying pan, I can still fry eggs and sausages with the same pot. I've also learned to toast bread with the same pot! A thing I haven't tried is cooking rice... by boiling it with water. So over time, I learned that I can be frugal with buying one pot to create various dishes.

I suppose that if you saw my photo album about food in London then you've already seen most of what I have cooked. I believe the British sausage isn't exactly suppose to be burnt black... but I think this is the downside of using a shallow pot to cook it..

Other than that, handy food items that I recommend buying to make your self-catered status better:
Raspberry Jam
Oyster Sauce
Soy Sauce

^ these items are great in the sense that you can create marinades for your food, add toppings to your toast, and make food more fun to eat!

Well that's all folks! I'm trying to update more, but I suppose this is a result of socializing with more people and not having the chance to write up my experience! Life at UCL pictures to come... :)


Monday, October 31, 2011

Okay... I am terrible at updating!

This past week has been hectic and I haven't been thinking about blogging too much...
My time here is passing pretty quickly.. being that reading week is next weekend.
I only have a month and a half left, so it is becoming a bit sad!
I will miss all the friends I've made in the UK...

I don't know if I will be updating as frequently because I have tons of coursework due in the next few weeks... so please bear with me!
Check out my food in london photo album on FB, it was updated at least!

Sorry I just had to post something after not posting for nearly a week! :(

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Living in the UK Tip #11

This is a post that was suppose to be published on Friday... but it wasn't complete. So here it is completed. :)

Life in the UK has been pretty much uneventful or at least I can not think about major significant happenings in my daily life here. Time seems to be passing by faster each day. I can't believe that it's Friday already? I've already been here for a whole month.

One of the things I do remember about my week and should be Tip #11 of Studying Abroad in the UK is that you should try to make friends with people who have been studying/living in London longer than you have. Precisely, I mean make friends with people who are from the UK or lived here for at least a year because they know all the best restaurants and things to do in London.

This girl, (who lives in the UK), brought me to a place called Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) to eat for lunch. The food was amazing! I simply had a classic cheeseburger, fries/crisps, and an oreo milkshake. All of this for 7 pounds. This is a pretty big deal because meals in the UK tend to be closer to 10 pounds... GBK actually offers 40% off the total bill for students. So I was happy and would not have known about this place without her invitation.

Another girl (who has been at UCL for a year) asked me to eat with her in Chinatown after our History of Art class at the National Gallery. We went to a yummy inexpensive Chinese restaurant. From there, we were able to have conversations about the best Asian restaurants, what to do in the city, etc.

Overall, I've learned so much from the people I've met. I'm so excited and happy to be in London and I am glad to be learning from a new city.

Side Note: I know that for some people it might be hard to make friends/acquaintances. So I recommend showing up to class about 5-10 minutes early and start randomly talking to the other early birds in the class. I believe that this method works well because there are less people in the class and most people won't be distracted by the lecturer. You can simply strike up a conversation regarding the lecture, etc. So it won't be too bad!